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Day Date Division Time Visitor Home
Saturday Sep-15 Atom 10:00am Alouettes Roughriders
Saturday Sep-15 Atom 10:45am Roughriders Bisons
Saturday Sep-15 Atom 11:30am Bisons Alouettes
Saturday Sep-15 Pee Wee 4:00pm Ti-Cats Stamps
Saturday Sep-15 Pee Wee 5:00pm Stamps Warrriorrs
Saturday Sep-15 Pee Wee 6:00pm Warriors Ti-Cats
Wednesday Sep-19 Bantam 6:00pm Huskies Marauders
Wednesday Sep-19 Bantam 7:00pm Marauders Mustangs
Wednesday Sep-19 Bantam 8:00pm Mustangs Huskies
Saturday Sep-22 Atom 10:00am Bisons Roughriders
Saturday Sep-22 Atom 10:45am Alouettes Bisons
Saturday Sep--22 Atom 11:30am Roughriders Alouettes
Saturday Sep-22 Tyke - North 12:30pm Argos Lions
Saturday Sep-22 Tyke - South 12:30pm Redblacks Eskimos
Saturday Sep-22 Pee Wee 1:30pm Warriors Stamps
Saturday Sep--22 Pee Wee 2:30pm Ti-Cats Warrriorrs
Saturday Sep-22 Pee Wee 3:30pm Stamps Ti-Cats
Wednesday Sep-26 Bantam 6:00pm Mustangs Marauders
Wednesday Sep-26 Bantam 7:00pm Huskies Mustangs
Wednesday Sep-26 Bantam 8:00pm Marauders Huskies
Saturday Sep-29 Atom 10:00am Bisons Alouettes
Saturday Sep-29 Atom 10:45am Alouettes Roughriders
Saturday Sep-29 Atom 11:30am Roughriders Bisons
Saturday Sep-29 Tyke - North 12:30pm Redblacks Argos
Saturday  Sep-29 Tyke - South 12:30pm Lions Eskimos
Saturday Sep-29 Pee Wee 1:30pm Warriors Ti-Cats*
Saturday Sep-29 Pee Wee 2:30pm Ti-Cats Stamps*
Saturday Sep-29 Pee Wee 3:30pm Stamps Warrriorrs*
Wednesday Oct-3 Bantam 6:00pm Mustangs Huskies
Wednesday Oct-3 Bantam 7:00pm Huskies Marauders
Wednesday Oct-3 Bantam 8:00pm Marauders Mustangs
Saturday Oct-6 Atom 10:00am Roughriders Alouettes
Saturday Oct-6 Atom 10:45am Bisons Roughriders
Saturday Oct-6 Atom 11:30am Alouettes Bisons
Saturday Oct-6 Tyke - North 12:30pm Lions Redblacks
Saturday Oct-6 Tyke - South 12:30pm Argos Eskimos
Saturday Oct-6 Pee Wee 1:30pm Stamps Ti-Cats
Saturday Oct-6 Pee Wee 2:30pm Warriors Stamps
Saturday Oct-6 Pee Wee 3:30pm Ti-Cats Warrriorrs
Wednesday Oct-10 Bantam 6:00pm Marauders Huskies
Wednesday Oct-10 Bantam 7:00pm Mustangs Marauders
Wednesday Oct-10 Bantam 8:00pm Huskies Mustangs
Saturday Oct-13 Atom 10:00am Roughriders Bisons
Saturday Oct-13 Atom 10:45am Bisons Alouettes
Saturday Oct-13 Atom 11:30am Alouettes Roughriders
Saturday Oct-13 Tyke - North 12:30pm Eskimos Redblacks
Saturday Oct-13 Tyke- South 12:30pm Lions Argos
Saturday Oct-13 Pee Wee 1:30pm Stamps Warrriorrs
Saturday Oct-13 Pee Wee 2:30pm Warriors Ti-Cats
Saturday Oct-13 Pee Wee 3:30pm Ti-Cats Stamps
Monday Oct-15 Bantam 6:00pm Marauders Mustangs
Monday Oct-15 Bantam 7:00pm Mustangs Huskies
Monday Oct-15 Bantam 8:00pm Huskies Marauders
Saturday Oct-20 Atom 10:00am Alouettes Bisons
Saturday Oct-20 Tyke - North 11:30am Eskimos Redblacks 
Saturday Oct-20 Tyke - South 11:30am Argos Lions
Saturday Oct-20 Pee Wee 1:00pm Warriors Ti-Cats
Saturday Oct-20 Bantam 3:00pm Marauders Huskies
Saturday Oct--27 Atom 10:00am Bisons Roughriders
Saturday Oct-27 Tyke - North (1st) 11:30am Lions Redblacks
Saturday Oct-27 Tyke - South (3rd) 11:30am Esmikos Argos
Saturday  Oct-27 PeeWee 1:00pm TiCats Stampeders
Saturday Oct-27 Bantam 3:00pm Huskies Mustangs

* Only played if necessary.

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