Flag Football

A great way to learn the fun of the game - with an emphasis on fun and safety.

Current season for Fall Flag Football will start with evaluations on August 17th. Registered players will be contacted for their specific date and time for evaluations so as to limit larger interactions.

Team practices will begin the week of August 24th on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

In September there will be 2 games per week on Saturdays and either the Tuesday or Wednesdays.

Tykes (U8) will play on Saturdays only.

To ensure proper health precautions, remember:

  • One spectator per player

  • Masks are to be worn when/if going to bathroom

  • Stadium specific screening to be done online before the game for both player and spectator, and results of the screening will need to be shown to be allowed entry into the stadium - www.thunderbay.ca/rfst


  • U8 - for players born 2013 - 2015

  • U10 - for players born 2011 - 2012

  • U12 - for players born 2009 - 2010

  • U14 - for players born 2007 - 2008



Tykes $225

Note, that we will have a $25 'processing fee' for any refunds.


Registration is currently open. Registration will only be online this year, there will be no 'in-person' option to reduce gatherings.

Notes to remember when registering:

  • Best to use a laptop/desktop as there have been some glitches using mobile

  • We are recommending that all payments be made online only, so as to reduce interactions

    • Paying online uses PayPal - and you do not need a PayPal account to pay

    • You can choose to "pay offline" but before the season would start you will need to pay online (you can log back in as the parent and go to your 'transactions' and see the outstanding balance)

  • If you had registered for the spring season, you would be a returning player - if you have forgotten the access code you can request it from the system to be emailed to you.

  • If you have a credit from the spring season, you put the code given for your player in at step 4 to apply a discount. If you need your code retrieved, please send Ryan M a message.

  • There is a spot where we encourage you to click the box so you can receive emails through the system, this will allow us to send messages from coaches to teams, schedules of games, etc...

  • We really appreciate your patience with this new system if there are any minor hiccups.


CLICK HERE (will be open until Friday, August 14th @ 6PM)


(all take place at James St. field - https://goo.gl/maps/ThJpg4qggcvVn1Hd8 - see this photo for how to access)

  • Players born 2007 - Tuesday, August 18th @ 645 - 745pm

  • Players born 2008 - Tuesday, August 18th @ 530 - 630pm

  • Players born 2009 - Thursday, August 20th @ 645 - 745pm

  • Players born 2010 - Thursday, August 20th @ 530 - 630pm

  • Players born 2011 - Wednesday, August 25th @ 645 - 745pm

  • Players born 2012 - Wednesday, August 25th @ 530 - 630pm


All games will be at the Fort William Stadium


  • U8

    • Zack Paitich & Joey Zanni - Grey

    • Ron Frost & Myles Ball - Yellow

    • Trevor Clinker & John Tenhave - Orange

  • U10

    • Pod 1

      • Rene Coulombe - Forest Green

      • Ryan Bliznikas - Gold

      • Chris Coulter - Black

      • Trevor Puumala - Red

    • Pod 2

      • Curtis Shewchuk - Purple

      • Dan Taylor - Carolina Blue

      • Darryl Robertson - Kelly Green

      • Alain Auger - Coal Grey

  • U12

    • Pod 1

      • Justin BeauParlant - Red

      • John Tenhave - Yellow

      • Cory Auger - Kelly Green

      • Lucas Hudson - True Royal

    • Pod 2

      • Jamie Robertson - Extreme Orange

      • Deano Michieli - Atomic Blue

      • Will Crocker - Black

      • Dillan Tataryn - Purple

  • U14

    • Pod 1

      • Bryan Popowich - True Navy

      • Justin BeauParlant - Black

      • Lucas Hudson - Extreme Orange

      • Mark Mosley - Purple

    • Pod 2

      • Rodrigo Cosio - Kelly Green

      • Mike Palko - Atomic Blue

      • Ryan Bliznikas - Gold

      • Cory Auger - Coal Grey


Practice schedule will be confirmed by your individual coaches.

For the schedule of games - click here

As a reminder - only one spectator is allowed per player at games.

Before entering the stadium, the City's screening tool must be filled out

ResulTS / Standings

Visit the standings page for the table - click here

Note: tie breakers are decided through Head to Head, and in the case of those being a tie, decided on points from Head to Head.


TBMFA - 2020 Official's FLAG FOOTBALL Manual v1.2