Annual General Meeting


The Annual General Meeting was held and the following are the results:

  • the proposal to restructure the executive position was passed

  • 2022 Executive Board:

    • President - Rob Thibodeau (2nd year)

    • Vice President - Ryan Bliznikas (1st year)

    • Treasurer - Samantha Baltzer (2nd year)

    • Secretary - Robin Clinker (1st year)

    • Coaches GM - Justin BeauParlant (1st year)

    • Digital Media - Ryan Moore

    • Equipment Manager - currently vacant

    • Tyke Coordinator - currently vacant

    • Volunteer Coordinator - Stacey BeauParlant

2021 Annual General Meeting

December 7th, 2021

7PM - 9PM 'ish

You must register in advance to attend:

Nominees are being accepted for the following executive positions that are up for election this year:

2 Year Positions

  • Vice President (currently Ryan Bliznikas)

  • Secretary (currently Robin Clinker)

  • Coaches General Manager (currently Justin BeauParlant)

1 Year Positions

  • Digital Media (currently Ryan Moore)

  • Equipment Manager (currently Cory Auger)

  • Flag Football Coordinator (currently Sheri Robertson)

  • Fundraising (currently vacant)

  • Registrar (currently Michelle Moffat)

  • Special Events (currently Alaine Auger)

  • Tyke Coordinator (currently vacant)

  • Volunteer Coordinator (currently Stacey BeauParlant)

Additionally, a proposal has been made to be voted upon at the AGM to amend the composition of the executive as follows:

To be voted on by the membership at the Annual General Meeting, Dec 7, 2021.

Motion: to amend the composition of the board of the directors as follows: the Flag Coordinator position be subsumed by the position of the Vice President, the Fundraiser position be subsumed by the Treasurer position, the Registrar position be subsumed by the Treasurer position, and the Special Events position be subsumed by Volunteer Coordinator position.