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Flag Football

TBMFA - 2021 Official's FLAG FOOTBALL Manual v1.0

U10 Atom

Atom Rule Book (August 2021) v1.9

U12 PeeWee 

Pee Wee Rules 2021

U14 Bantam

Changes for this year (2022)

Auto Punt

A team can elect to alert the officials for an “auto punt”.  No actual punt will occur.  The ball will be spotted 25 yards from the line of scrimmage.  If the ball is on the opposition 25 yard line, it will result in the auto punt being half the distance to the goal.

Mandatory Passing

U14 football will have a minimum of 7 mandatory passes per game.  A team can attempt their minimum 7 passes at any time during the game.  A pass attempt will be considered an overhand forward pass.  A pass across the line of scrimmage, a screen pass and a screen pass will constitute a pass attempt.  Intentional grounding would not be considered a pass attempt.  For every pass attempt below the mandated number, the offending team will lose 3 points as a result.


Kicking a convert after a touchdown will be worth 2 points.  Running or passing will result in a single point if successful.