Every non-profit organization needs to raise money to help keep the success of the organization alive.

Throughout each program we will try to raise money to help in the costs of new equipment. This is a large expense for a non-profit organization.

Keep an eye on this section to see what amazing ideas we have on the go. You can also print out any forms and instructions that you may need when a fundraiser is happening!

Any questions about the fundraising programs can be answered by our coordinator, Amy Deschenes

Pizza Kits

Thank you to everybody who helped out with the pizza kits sales. We sold over our goal and earned more awards than we anticipated. Amy will reaching out soon.

don't forget to pick up your orders on Friday, Sept 25th

Top Team

with 72 kits sold goes too.... (awards: 3 pepperoni pizza kits)

  • U10 Kelly Green Team

Runner up with 67 kits sold goes too...

  • U14 True Navy Team (awards: Pepperoni Pizza kit)

Top Player

with 35 kits sold goes too....

  • Brayden D. (awards: Italian Cheese Bread kit)

Runner up players are (these players all get a pepperoni pizza kit)

  • Carson B. with 27 kits sold

  • Carson W. with 26 kits sold

  • Zack W. with 26 kits sold

  • Carter L. with 24 kits sold

  • Zack M. with 23 kits sold

  • Carter V. with 20 kits sold

High Spirited Award

  • Matthew K. (awards crazy bread kit)